به سایت جشنواره فیلم ایران و آمریکا

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Congratulations from Governor Gregoire

Dear Sasan Soofi,
Congratulations on the establishment of the Iranian American Film Festival! This will be an ideal venue for the people of Washington State and Iran to come together in peace, harmony and mutual understanding. As you mention, the people-to-people relationship thrives and has a great future. We salute you for providing an opportunity for even greater exchange.Best wishes for the success of the Iranian American Film Festival!
Brent Heinemann
Director, International Relations & Protocol
Office of the Governor
State of Washington USA

Dear Friends,
We are honored to announce the launch of the Iranian American Film
Festival (IAFF) site. Despite the inherent challenges of starting any
new organization, we are excited to announce our launch.
We seek to meet new artists and display their work in the public and
beyond our own borders. Our goal is to introduce our gifted
filmmakers’ work in both cinema and television in the international
arena. Your support is critical in helping us do so.

 Our first step is to prepare for the first festival in 2014; thus, we are
asking you to send us your movies, long films, short films,
documentaries, animations, and commercials from around the world.
In appreciation of the collective efforts of our participants in each
category, awards shall be presented to protagonist artist and youth
who are interested in this festival by the jury who will be selected
among the Iranian and foreign artists and also two of IAFF members.
For participants who are interested but do not have the facilities to
start their own project, IAFF will lend the support and/or any
necessary facilities to assist potential participants in showcasing their

We are excited to invite the professionals involved in film and
television to the festival. Further, it is with your attendance and
support that we can inspire future generations to take interest in our
industry. We have currently begun conversations with the University
of Washington and a number of universities in California to hold short
courses and educational seminars on campus for those interested in

As previously mentioned, IAFF is a not-for-profit organization, thus we
need your support in order to succeed in promoting Iranian culture
and art. We hope that our inaugural festival in 2014 will be a preview
of a potential world-wide competition between filmmakers across the

Lastly, our intent is for the IAFF to be an organization that is built on
collaboration and unity.  Accordingly, we can only be as successful
as the people who invest in our mission and make up our parts.
We look forward to this coming. Please learn more about us on our
or contact Sasan Soofi, President, at 206-209-8600 or for more information. We thank you in advance for your support.

Warm Regards,
Sasan Soofi
President of Iranian American Film Festival


March 20, 2013
As governor of the state of Washington, I am delighted to extend my best wishes to those celebrating the Persian New Year, Norooz. Eid-eh Shoma Mobarak!
Meaning “new day,” Norooz has been celebrated on the first day of spring for over 2,500 years. For millions around the world, it is a celebration of life–a reminder that winter always gives way to spring. It is of course also and an opportunity to connect with loved ones and the beauty of nature around us.
This celebration is yet another reminder that diversity is one of Washington State’s greatest strengths. I am impressed by, and thankful for, the many contributions of the Iranian-American community here in Washington. As you gather around your Haft Sin this year, know that Trudi and I are wishing each of you good health, peace, and much prosperity in the new year.
Very truly yours,
Jay Inslee